Visiting the Peel

When walking the Peel you might hear a mysterious sound, at first close by and then in the distance, a sound like a child crying or a woman calling for help, make the sign of the cross and walk away fast, for leaving the pathway you will be lost forever as you are lured by the apparition of a Knight leading you further into the treacherous swamp until you inadvertently fall into a bottomless pit to die a terrible death

The story of a Knight roaming the Peel has been around for about 1600 years until in 1910 a Peelwerker found a golden helmet, some coins, footwear and a rail that belonged to a soldier, a Roman Centurion. The Peel has countless sages and mysteries.

Who knows, perhaps you will also hear the wandering knight, the crying child or the cry for help of a woman in need on one of the beautiful walking routes that have been plotted in this vast, inhospitable area. You have been warned !!! 


Regional Information

For more information our the local area why not visit The Peelse visitor center "Buitencentrum De Pelen" just on the border of Asten and Ospel. This center provides an insightful view of the history of the Peel and forms the starting point for various beautiful walking routes (also accessible by wheelchairs). The walking routes run across water and marsh with the help of so-called "beak bridges"

The VVV and various other organizations offer you a variety of cycling routes that you can reach from our campsite in both Brabant and Limburg provinces 


Designer Shopping

If Retail Therapy is your thing you can shop to your heart's content in the large cities of Venlo and Eindhoven within half an hour drive. Travel a little further and you will find the Roermond Designer Outlet which offers 186 Designer stores for every taste. 

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